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Emily Shanks 

With 11 years managing many of the most respected and successful talent at Storm Management, Emily brings a strategic, level-headed approach to building sustainable brand partnerships. With a unique access which enables her to work closely with talent to find the most effective and authentic way to communicate a brand story in digital.

“The current communications environment is an exciting space for brands and talent. As the digital space matures so too does the demand for experienced and authentic industry voices to pass on recommendations and share their knowledge. This development has given us a chance work with exceptional talent with high endorsement value, influence and engaged social channels which are a wonderful by-product of successful offline career.”

Holly Holman 

In her 10-years in the beauty industry, Holly has ticked off some major brands. Holly held the position of UK Communications & Digital Engagement Director for YSL Beauty and in her diverse role she oversaw PR, communications, social strategy for brand/retailer and events. Before this, Holly lent her skills to Lancôme and LVMH. 

“I have never been someone who just focuses on PR, I believe PR and social strategy must feed into each other and both are equally vital to a business. I like to think that thanks to our 360˚ approach, our brands feel our constant presence despite us not physically being in their office. We work collectively as a team on every brief; together we analyse the right audience we want to target and how we can most effectively reach them. The fact that no two strategies are the same makes my job so interesting.” 

Emma Dawson 

With 25 years in the beauty industry under her belt, Emma brings a wealth of luxury brand experience to Blanket. In her previous life, she was UK Communications Director for the L’Oréal LUXE portfolio of brands and before that she could be found at the Estée Lauder Companies.

“I was incredibly fortunate to be working for the world’s largest beauty company at a time when Communications as a whole was going through some seismic changes. Taking time to properly navigate this (then) emerging world of social media, we quickly recognised that customers were becoming critics and creators and that we needed to listen, engage, inspire and create with them rather than for them. I firmly believe that it is more important than ever to strategically entwine all forms of communication to ensure that messages are never disjointed or confusing.”